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  • What is a psychiatrist and how are they different from other clinicians?
    A psychiatrist is a medical doctor i.e. a physician (MD or DO), who went to medical school. They have thousands of hours of hands-on training in multiple clinical settings, after completing medical school. They can prescribe medications as well as offer psychotherapy, because of their deep understanding of biology and mental health.
  • What age group do you work with?
    My practice is limited to ages 18 and over at this time.
  • Do you take insurance?
    I do not take insurance and my services are considered Out of Network (OON). I believe this model allows us to spend more time with patients and provide care as best we see fit. I can provide a superbill to submit to your health care plan for reimbursement, if you have Out-of-Network benefits. I recommend reaching out to your insurance carrier directly to review your out-of-network benefits. Specific fees can be provided and reviewed during initial screening phone consultation.
  • Do you offer in-person appointments?
    In-person appointments are limited and offered on a case-by-case basis. Services are presently rendered primarily via telehealth.
  • Are you taking new patients?
    Yes! For new patient scheduling, please fill a new patient form on the main page
  • What is the process of treatment?
    Step One: Schedule an initial screening consultation with the psychiatrist, usually by phone. If it is mutually felt to be a good fit, the next step involves setting up a Comprehensive Psychiatric Assessment. Step Two: This is a Comprehensive Psychiatric Assessment is an initial meeting with the psychiatrist, that lasts 60-90 minutes. A detailed review of clinical symptoms, diagnostic formulation and treatment planning is part of the meeting. Occasionally, a second meeting to complete this assessment maybe required. Step Three: These are follow up meetings, after a formal patient-physician therapeutic relationship has been established. These meetings can last 30-45 minutes, to review ongoing response to treatment.
  • I already have a therapist. Do you see patients for only medication management?
    An extensive review of your symptoms, diagnoses and other history will best dictate the course of your treatment options. Depending on the symptomatology, if medications are indicated, a careful consideration will be done. If you are already working with a therapist, we strongly urge you to keep working with them. I will collaborate with them to coordinate your care.
  • What if I am reluctant to start medications? Will I be forced to start one?
    I believe in a patient-centric approach to care. If a medication is indeed indicated, extensive discussions regarding available treatment options will be provided. It is paramount to a good patient-physician relationship to have a mutual agreement about the treatment plan.
  • How do you handle urgent or crisis appointments?
    Due to the nature of the practice, we are unable to respond quickly to urgent or crisis calls. It is recommended that patients go the nearest emergency room or 911 in such an event. If you are an existing patient, you may request an earlier appointment through the portal.
  • Do you fill out paperwork like disability etc.?
    This is done on a rare case-by-case basis. We recommend such patients seek out higher levels of outpatient care, for such impairments impeding work.
  • Do you provide forensic consultations or expert witness testimony?
    Yes. Attorneys or law firms seeking forensic consultations are encouraged to reach out to us directly.
  • What is your payment/cancelation policy?
    Your appointment is time specifically reserved for you. A 24-hour advance notice is required to avoid cancelation fees. Full payment of fees is applied for cancelation less than 24 hours prior to your appointment. All fees are applied prior to the appointment.

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